Monday, September 10, 2012

One Direction invade the Guiness Book of World Records

Nice one boyos, have a shandy on us By: laurencf (08 Sep 2012)

If One Direction are going to take over the world, they might as well get into the Guinness Book of World Records while they’re at; and oh, would you look at that, they have.

One Direction 

The boys will have their very own place in the 2013 edition of the book because their album, Up All Night made them the first UK group to debut at number 1 in America. This means they’re the first group to take the record from The Spice Girls who set it in 1997. No biggie though, eh.

In a very official sounding statement the boys said: "Being the first British band to debut at number one in America with a debut album is something that we would have never even have dreamt of. We are incredibly proud to have this achievement included in the Guinness World Records book."

We like to imagine they all said that together after a 1...2...3.

Well done young men, we’re dead proud.

Now let’s celebrate in the only way we know possible with this nineties-tastic Record Breakers theme tune.

Congratulations One Direction! These boys make me so proud. Fan girl screeeeeam!!!!  I just love them. <3

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